Born in 1992, a graduate of the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, majoring in Art and Glass Design. A student of the Inter-Faculty PhD Studies at the same university from 2018. Her works have been presented at several dozen exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including “Close-up of Glass” as part of the European Glass Festival 2019 in Wrocław, “The International Exhibition of Glass” in Kanazawa (Japan) or “International Biennale of Glass 2019” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. For her work “On the hand”, she received a distinction in the prestigious competition The Glass Prize 2020. In her work, she looks for a place for art glass in everyday space and close human surroundings. As she writes: “For me, glass is a magical and unique material. I am inspired by the fact that it has accompanied humanity for centuries. The objects that enrich our surroundings with their beauty are closest to me. As I watch, the outside world flows through me, and I try to catch those specks, moments that aren’t obvious, that often go unnoticed. They inspire me. It is thanks to them that the desire to design is born. Receiving inspiration from the world, I create objects that I want to share and in this way I give them back to the world.” Her works, however, go far beyond their strict decorative function and become a subtle, yet powerful commentary for the contemporary world. In the works presented as part of the Polish Modern Glass Art project, the artist identifies the problems of the surrounding reality: hunger and overproduction of food and excessive use of natural resources.