A graduate of the Academy of E.Geppert Fine Arts in Wrocław at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass and the Faculty of Sculpture. In her work, she focuses primarily on applied arts, and her works are present in private collections in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, USA and Japan, among others. Since 2004, he has been a co-creator of the studio According to her, art of a utilitarian nature, however, has a more serious role to play: “I believe that communing with art and beauty, which we subjectively define, has an impact on a deeper experience of reality and self-esteem. I create for people to feel special and exceptional. I am most inspired by the beauty and phenomenon of nature, which for me is an intimate space of closeness to the creator and creation. Another equally important source of inspiration for me is the unchanging, yet incessant, constantly changing rhythm – the specific pulse of human relations with another human being. This place of contact, meetings in the life-giving exchange of experiences, means that my works often take a functional form so that they can serve people”. The works presented as part of the exhibition Polish Modern Glass Art present two horizons of the artist’s creativity: functional, where aesthetics are equal to functionality, and strictly decorative.