Magdalena Zarychta graduated from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, and also studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Her works have been presented at numerous group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Since 2007, she has been the founder and president of the WyspArt Foundation, under which she conducts activities in the field of art and artistic education. She works with artistic and functional glass, glazing, traditional stained glass, interior design, graphic design and ceramics. In her work, she is particularly interested in combining seemingly incompatible materials, such as glass and metal. As she says about her work: “For me, glass is a sculptural material just as wood or stone. The idea for my glass ‘air vessels’ originated from experiments in hot joining glass and metal. The technique used came from a passion for experimenting, combining impossible, physically diverse things.”