A graduate of the E.Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, majoring in Art and Glass Design. From 2019, the President of the Glass Artists’ Union operating at her alma mater. A scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for Outstanding Achievements in 2017 and 2019. She participated in many national and international exhibitions (including the International Biennale of Glass in Sofia, the International Glass Festival in Luxembourg and the Master of Crystal 2018 in Prague). She also has numerous achievements, including winning the first prize in the Aspiring Glass Artists category as part of The Glass Prize 2019 or taking 3rd place in the “Tastes of Light” competition at the LIGHT 2017 International Fair. Finalist of the Student Nobel Prize 2019 in the Art category. As she claims, her interest in glass was influenced by growing up in the Jelenia Góra Valley – a region with rich glass-making traditions. This material became for her a means of expression and a bridge between the external and internal world. In her art, she deals with the issues of ecology and human existence within nature, and glass, as a material derived from natural resources, and simultaneously one perfectly suitable for recycling, fits perfectly into this concept. As she states about her work: “In my works I try to include a comment either on the surrounding reality or on my inner experiences. I believe that every object, apart from the decorative and utilitarian function, should include the history, feelings, and ideas of the artist, then the work is unique and real.