14x7 cm and 11x3,5 cm


custing glass

The composition of five glass objects entitled “Avocado” is an exotic fruit popular on European tables almost perfectly reproduced in colorless glass. Recently, the avocado has gained a cult status and a symbolic meaning. It is a representation of “Superfoods”, the embodiment of the idea of healthy eating, but also fashionable or even “celebrity” food. At the same time, avocados have become a symbol of environmental degradation in the name of the nutritional fashion prevailing in developed countries and the desire to get rich quickly on this demand by poorer countries providing a valuable product. The work by Jagoda Nowak-Bieganowska is an artistic comment on this situation, and prompts us to consider the cost of the presence of the fruit on the tables of wealthy Westerners, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the place where it naturally occurs.


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