100x 100 cm



The source of inspiration for creating a decorative table entitled “C.O.D.E” was – as the artist herself says – “a black and white photograph showing walking people, moving at their own pace, corrected by the rhythm of the crowd and the environment.” The fusing technique used in the project, implemented here by combining glass strips and manually applying several hundred lines on them, allows to create an impression of movement and dynamics. People are not only the starting point for this work, but also the end point. After all, a table is a space that serves people, unites them, binds them and connects them; has its own dynamics and a specific choreography takes place when different people gather around it. In this way, a certain metaphor is closed, and the threads of inspiration, technique and purpose of the object are closely intertwined, resulting in a work with a much more interesting function than just a coffee table.


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