circumference 15 cm



The composition was made of minimalist bowls, which, derived from a simple, classic form, evolve, bend and take on soft, flexible shapes. Although it might seem that this process is a strictly artistic variation on the theme of a vessel commonly used in the human environment, it is in fact a comment on the surrounding reality. The bowls fold up and close, contradicting the prevailing belief in the availability of what they should contain – food. In this way, the artist draws attention to one of the more serious problems of the contemporary world, which is disproportionate access to food, waste in the countries of the rich “West” confronted with the starvation of the global “South”. This is how this ethical problem, expressed in the composition, is defined by the artist herself: “The deformed, bent vessels included in the installation are intended to provoke questions: is the fact that we always have something to put in them as constant and unchanging as the classic form of a bowl? Do we really not care that so many people have nothing to eat while we eat our favorite delicacies from the other side of the globe? ”


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