34 cm


pâte de verre and bronze

Ewa Rossano’s art can be seen as strictly anthropocentric – people are her main source of inspiration and also the subject of her works. A statuette made of bronze combined with a colorful pâte de verre is a constant motif in the artist’s work. Such a combination of materials does not only create the aesthetic aspect of the sculpture but also expresses a deeper idea. The combination of a fragile, unstable element, such as glass, with something solid, such as bronze, is a reflection of human construction. As the creator herself says: “It is a conversation about fragility and strength, about passing and eternity (…). Crystal is an echo of the fragility that lies dormant in us. It represents our spiritual side, our soul.” Bronze is a reflection of constancy, physicality and stability. The dualism of materials reflects human dualism and provokes reflection on the complexity of human nature.


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