65x35x8 cm


mosaic, borosilicate glass burner shaped, cold polished,glued on flat glass.

The work entitled “Rain” is a glass mosaic: thin, transparent glass tubes of various lengths are applied to a flat, black pane, grouped in wide, dense streaks. Light, sliding and reflecting from their surface, creates the impression of movement, flickering, subtle dynamism. All this gives the viewer the impression that they are looking at the rain in the material, which is also clearly suggested by the title of the work. Water and its various stages are an important source of inspiration for the work of Marzena Matuszewska. As she herself says, in her works she tries to capture the record of individual states of concentration of water, a constantly changing substance, taking various forms, and simultaneously endowed with a specific creative power. The medium, which is glass, is the only one that gives the opportunity to capture these phenomena, as evidenced by the work “H20 – Rain”.


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