18x18x20 cm


silicone base with glued pieces of a very thin glass pane, metallurgical preparation

Two egg-shaped glass forms tempt the viewer and invite touch; light and transparent, resembling a cloud or fluffy ball, they seem fragile and fleeting. However, a closer look reveals their true face: in fact, they are bristling with sharp fragments of glass. The desire to experience these haptic forms tangibly is therefore clearly associated with risk and the need to go beyond the comfort zone. “Human Trap” is the artist’s comment on the reality in which contemporary humans find themselves. A world where they feel seemingly safe, where they have all amenities at their disposal, and where they can easily satisfy material desires. In a further perspective, however, there are unfulfilled internal needs, starting with the original desire to experience and feel intensely, the implementation of which is associated with destabilization and risk taking. The point of emotional tension is, therefore, at the clash of these two orders and the question: will humans dare to take this step? The sculpture was made for a diploma under the supervision of professor Małgorzata Dajewska at the Glass Department of the E.Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.


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