circumference 23 cm, 2 cm thick



The set of plates with irregular edges and intense shades of green and blue is an example of the implementation of the idea of recycling in the area of artistic creativity. The material for creating the dishes was obtained by the artist from crushed wine bottles, and then melted into a new object with a utilitarian function and a much longer perspective of functioning in the human environment than an empty bottle. As its author says about this project: “The earth is our common home and place to live: by destroying it, we destroy ourselves. One of the many problems is overproduction, which is associated with a huge amount of waste. In my activities, I focused on reducing them, turning them through recycling into a new utility product. I am interested in the subject of consumerism and I would like to be able to convey that the products we manufacture, which then end up in the garbage, are our raw material rather than waste.


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