21x18x18 cm


glass blown into a plaster mold with metal spikes placed in it

A set of cylindrical forms, made of transparent glass and metal, punctuated by sharp elements – spikes and fragments, aggressively dominates the space, scares away and disturbs. Although the sculptures are provocative, their tactile experience requires going beyond the comfort zone and being exposed to a series of rather unpleasant sensations, such as stinging or pain. However, such perception is only the first stage in the interpretation of this composition. An in-depth analysis allows one to experience a completely different dimension, as the author herself says: “Interference is usually negative, associated with an intrusion, invasion, unexpected and unwanted change. But what if you look at the possibilities it brings? The transformation may result in a completely new quality. The smooth surface of the blown glass-blown cylinder contrasts with the protruding barbed structure of the metal interfering with the vitreous body. But when you look inside, you will find that the glass was not pierced right through, but softly covers the metal that is digging into it. What may seemingly appear to be an attack of foreign material is in fact an opportunity for transformation (…) ”. The work was completed for a bachelor’s degree at the Glass Department of the E.Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, with professor Małgorzata Dajewska as supervisor.


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